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National Association of Construction Workers

The National Association of Construction Workers stands for fair working conditions, equality, and advantages for construction workers. The division of labor of construction encompasses a diverse range of specialized skills, as well as manual labour. Construction is the most dangerous career field in the land-based industry.

Our Mission:

Our national convention will focus on furthering safe procedures and advances in construction technology. Our goal is to ultimately create a community of creative thinking workers and determination to succeed to the best of our abilities.

Convention Key Aspects

Location: San Francisco, California
Specific Location: S. San Francisco Conference Center
Dates: 1954
Topics: Safety and Technical Advances
Activities: Tours of various Architectural landmarks
Opener: Charles Miller
Guest Speaker: Author, Clayton Monier
Attendance Last Year: 6,329
Proposed Attendance: 7,000
Early Registration: Click Here

San Francisco

It is home to many notable historical and architectural landmarks. We hope you get the opportunity to explore the city in your free time.
Author, Clayton Monier

About Clayton Monier:

Special Guest Speaker for the 2013 National Construction Worker Convention.

Monier is a self-made author. At a young age he began outdoor carpentry work near his father's shop. What started out as a hobby became a career. He studied archetecture and construction, and has since became one of the largest names in construction globally.

Popular Works by Monier:

Monier has authored many books and articles; these are few we like best:

  • Building a Better Home
  • Outside Projects; for inside people
  • Skyscraping
  • The Facts And Knowledge of Construction Safety

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